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Malignant narcissists display a severe lack of empathy, a penchant for exploiting others and an excessive sense of entitlement.

By Shahida Arabi

Malignant narcissists display a severe lack of empathy, a penchant for exploiting others and an excessive sense of entitlement. Given the nature of their pathological, hard-wired behavior, many are unlikely to change. Millions of survivors around the world are affected by their cruel and callous mistreatment, a form of insidious, psychological torment we call narcissist abuse.

For those that may not be aware of the seriousness of the abuse that the malignant narcissist employs against their target, and how other’s fail or refuse to see the insidious ways of the anti-social abuser, the above link is a must read.

In your need to make sense of the abuses of the predatory narcissist and sociopath, you turn to the best research library ever compiled by man – the internet. What you find is a trove of information, from clinical research, to psychological analysis from the likes of Freud, Jung and many others.

You find references and descriptions of predatory sociopaths in classic literature, and warnings of the anti-social predator scattered throughout many religious texts, And, the sheer number of personalized stories of the victims of this heinous abuse leaves you awe-struck, yet relieved to know that you are not alone – nor are you the crazy one.

From one victim after another, their descriptions of mental and emotional manipulations all seem to be a calculated torture technique that reads almost identical from the numerous victims. Only the details are different.

You have become victim of your sensitivity and your trusting and loving nature. The narcissist has turned your strongest character traits against you while covertly smearing you in your absence, leaving you with no defense of your character.

What’s more is the realization of the abused that their support structure has been diminished or entirely disappeared. They also learn that no one wants to believe the abuses they’ve suffered, and look at you as being the problem. Whether it be to correct the character assassination, to shine a light on the pathological lying of the sociopath narcissist, or to expose the abuser for what they are, no one seems to believe you.

Parents, relatives, siblings, friends, work and professional relationships, spousal or romantic relationships all have been torpedoed by the malevolent predatory techniques of the remorseless narcissist.

I have experienced this same dilemma, and continue to be puzzled by the obvious fact of this matter. And as I read description and memoir of the trauma that the innocent experience, they all seem to be left with this very paradox of why society believes the abuser, but not the accused.

This leaves your anguish multiplied. However…..

Realizing that your reputation and character has been dragged through the mud by a twisted and malevolent con-artist, you will never regain their trust. Knowing this, it would be best to just move on and erase all of them out of your life. These “friends” were never a friend anyway, but rather part of the cult of followers the narcissist had long ago acquired for their dirty work.

If anyone in your circle of relations believes the heresy without coming to you for verification, then they were not friends to begin with. Erase all people who are associated with the malignant narcissist out of your circle of influence and have no contact with them. You deserve better.

The underlying problem with these unhealthy relationships, either spousal, familial, or otherwise, it that you believe that all people have a conscience and behave within the rules of society. You care too much about what other people think or feel and always try to appease them to gain acceptance. And that’s the problem since we care about people we shouldn’t.

But, as we all know by now, this can’t ever be accomplished, since the malignant narcissist has no feelings of remorse, guilt or conscience. And it begins to look like the followers of the narcissist are of the same cloth.

They simply do not care.

The narcissist’s number one priority is and always has been to destroy your very good nature because of the pathological envy that eats them from the inside.

You cannot change this.

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